15 Reasons to Date an Accountant

Perhaps you didn’t supply the president of mathematics dance club a reasonable opportunity in high-school. Now you’re older and better, consider claiming yes into the supper date with your accountant.

Here are 15 reasons why you should date an accountant:

1. Should estimate a tip? Your own big date thinks figures tend to be fun.

2. Accountants tend to be exceptional decision-makers.

3. They may be honest. Accountants adhere to tight accounting expectations. If you want playing by the regulations, an accountant may be the great match.

4. They are in addition great at discovering loopholes. Accountants understand the principles very well, they could cause them to become be right for you.

5. Minds tend to be breathtaking.

6. Accounting firms are often finding out and updating their unique expertise base.

7. Accounting firms are not afraid of commitment. (They stuck with accounting, proper?)

8. They’ve got techniques like Jagger. Literally. Mick Jagger was once students of accountancy. Very was Janet Jackson.

9. They’ll use the anxiety regarding money issues. Date an accountant, so thereisn’ need to worry getting audited.

10. You should have tax-season help.

11. Accounting firms tend to be both educators and stress-relievers, assisting others add up of perplexing principles and conditions.

12. If “financially responsible” is found on the essential listing, look absolutely no further.

13. Got a secret? Accounting firms tend to be reliable, dependable and that can deal with confidential information.

14. You are going to obtain no-cost monetary guidance from somebody you know features your best interests at heart.

15. Accounting firms tend to be up for difficult.